• Blowing

    If the lawn is overgrown or full of weeds, it may be unhealthily to blow the clippings back into the grass. But if the lawn is healthy, we will be able to blow clippings back into the lawn. It is great to water these fresh clippings into the grass!

    Property Size

  • Edging

    We use metal blades to give your edge a nice clean cut.

  • Mowing

    We cut your grass at the appropriate height for your lawn and the time of year. We will not leave clipping in your lawn.

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    Type of Grass

  • Trimming

    Unless you ask us not to, we will use spray around cables and other valuables to avoid hitting them with trimmers.

  • Flowers

    Flowers & other plants are grown and usually planted by Sergio & Miriam.

    Flower Type

  • Hedge Trimming

    We can trim your hedges however you prefer. We check them each service and clean up after ourselves.

    Max Hedge Height
    Preferred Hedge Shape

  • Mulching

    Just tell us what kind you want, we will get it and install it. Good quality mulch doesn't have to be replaced as often and saves you money, over the cheap stuff.

    How many flower beds?
    Mulch Type
    Mulch Color

  • Landscaping

    We can help you budget, design and execute your dream vacation to your home.

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  • Xeriscaping

    All the fun & beauty of Landscaping, with less maintenance and lower water bill.

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    Drought-resistant Flowers
    Drought-resistant Shrubs

  • Tree Trimming

    Our licensed Arborist can remove or trim trees of all sizes. Nothing too big or too small.

    Number of Trees
    Tree Height

  • Irrigation

    We have your irrigation needs covered!

    We do new installs, as well as service calls for all types of maintenance; valve locating, controller installation, and programming as well.

  • Fertilizing/Weed Control

    Our licensed Herbicide specialist crafts a mixture and a schedule specifically for your grass. We can help get rid d of weeds & pests. We offer a 7 step program for fertilizing & weed control that will turn an average lawn into a luscious green, thick lawn. It is important for the lawn to receive enough water & sunlight, or it will not be healthy enough to sustain weed treatments long term.